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  • ich wär schon froh, wenn die puppe nich mehr wie beingodik durch die landschaft animiert wird.... ;)
  • und wenn man über Steine laufen kann und durch Büsche schießen und und und
  • und wenn man über Steine laufen kann und durch Büsche schießen und und und
    Nichts gegen die Kevlarbäume :D

    It´s not a bug, it´s a feature!
  • die ersten videoa von ofp:dr waren auch fett... :D
  • "We would like to focus mainly on cooperative gameplay"

    Pfui Teufel!!!! :!:
  • jo, dacht ich auch gleich. aber der nächste satz war ja ganz verheißungsvoll:

    Everyeye:With the increasingly number of players after the success of ArmA 2 will there be any kind of in-game clan support or ladders? Finally, what about dedicated servers?
    Ivan Buchta:The social aspects of multiplayer gaming are certainly interesting and an increasingly popular part of network gaming. We would like to make clan support more intuitive for casual players. Ladders and achievements are among the features considered, but there are still a lot of open questions.
    Dedicated servers including a Linux server will be present, of course. The in-game interface for the dedicated server may receive some improvements, and we constantly improve the engine's multiplayer protocol based on user feedback from Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead.

    aber ob das auch alles wat wird...(lot of open questions...)
  • Jo, das ist hier die Frage..
    Aber ist ja noch ne Weile hin, also lassen wir uns überraschen...

    Vl gibts ja ne Community-Beta(wär wünschenswert)
  • Ein Satz der mir sehr gefällt:

    Also, these features are quite common and important in console shooters, where they compensate for the less precise controls. with Arma 3 being developed exclusively for PC, we don't feel any need to implement such features at the moment.

    auch gut: (Auf Deutsch: Arma is nix für doofe :-D )
    Most shooting games keep focusing on the action-packed cinematic experience, emphasizing the little details at the cost of the player's freedom and gameplay possibilities. We would like to deliver a completely different experience, offering player true and unparalleled freedom of choice in an environment which reacts to his actions. In other words, Arma 3 will hopefully be more demanding on one's brains than fingers, rewarding the creative players with a proper response to their tactical efforts.
  • auch gut für ältere. die finger werden ja doch langsamer. aber mitn bräääin kann man noch ab und zu mithalten :D
    und gut für biertrinker: spieler der nachdenkt findet ne gute deckung in der man auch mal für 2 minuten neues bier holen kann ohne getötet zu werden :ostern_lol:
  • aus pc gamer:
    Reports of new and experimental military weaponry and vehicles are torture for modern warfare simulation enthusiasts. High-tech toys, such as the XM25 semi-automatic grenade launcher (capable of detonating explosives mid-air to hit enemies behind cover) have just come into service, and even more potent weaponry like the terrifyingly powerful GM6 anti-tank rifle are so close, and yet so far. In Arma 3, the next super-realistic war-sim sandbox from Czech developer Bohemia Interactive, those guns, plus some awesome weaponry of its own design, will be placed in our eager, trigger-happy hands.

    The context is new and bleak: in the near future, the US and its allies are underdogs in World War III against a powerful, Iran-led military that has occupied Europe and Northern Africa. The nuclear gloves have come off, but there’s still a world left to fight over with our new fictional conventional warfare toys—in particular, a large Mediterranean island called Limnos.

    “It’s not lasers or science-fiction stuff,” Creative Director Ivan Buchta assures me during our hours-long interrogation session. The intel I’ve extracted suggests that while A3 will continue to carry the banner of realism, freedom, and fidelity that’s defined the series (and Bohemia’s Operation Flashpoint before it), the development team is taking some liberties with reality to ensure that its next game won’t be the by-the-book sequel we expected.

    Turning the tables
    Bohemia’s mission statement is to put the player into a different situation from what modern militaries face. That means taking a step away from present-day realism, where the US always has the most resources. “The Allies are not as good as the bad guys in terms of technology. The bad guys have more resources, more clever stuff. The Allies have to cope with it, and naturally they adopt guerrilla tactics,” says Buchta.

    You won’t be leading a squad of rag-tag freedom fighters, but expect to make improvised decisions on the move. Buchta describes what were up against: “They’re in bases. They have artillery support. They have armor. They have helicopters. They have drones. So you might have to steal something first and learn to operate some very basic weapons platforms.”

    Harassment tactics—and making clever decisions with the resources you’re given—are the kind of thinking that Bohemia Interactive wants to stimulate. “Imagine you have a mortar,” Buchta says. “You have a crew to operate it on some safe spot, and you have something like 20 shells. But you also find a box with three shells which can be laser-guided or remotely operated. Suddenly you have some extra resources that you can use in a very creative way against the enemy.”

    A3 needs new weapons to stimulate new combat experiences and set it apart, so it’s bringing in gear like the Mk8 Swimmer Delivery Vehicle—a miniature submarine designed to covertly insert small teams. Buchta talks me through a scenario: “The player can don a diving suit and a rebreather, man the SDV and move to a coastal enemy base from an unexpected direction. Using the SDV’s periscope, he can steer his way through the patrols while staying undetected, insert saboteurs to mine the roads near the base or to booby-trap the patrol routes, place charges on the bottoms of the enemy boats, raid the command compound, and exfiltrate while leaving a bloody mess behind.”

    Considering that in A2 water might as well be lava, impassible except for a few unimpressive motorized rafts, the amphibious options that A3 will open up make me giddy—especially given that A3’s battlefield is an island. Limnos is based closely on the real-world isle of Lemnos off the coast of Greece in the North Aegean Periphery. “It’s way more populated, compared to A2: Operation Arrowhead’s Takistan,” Buchta says. “It will be the biggest and most ambitious map we’ve done so far.” Buchta compares Limnos to Operation Flashpoint’s Eberron map in some ways—it’s dotted with cities, harbors, villages, mountains, plains, arid land, orchards, and even some industrial facilities, ensuring that players will have a wide variety of terrain to fight over—and thus many different battle experiences.

    In the spirit of guerilla warfare and dirty tricks, A3 throws in a feature I never thought I’d see in the series: wearing enemy uniforms. When fighting undercover in the single-player campaign (which is separate from the co-op scenarios), you’ll have the option of borrowing an enemy’s colors and equipment. While it’s primarily a single-player feature at this stage of development, the prospect of how it might function in PvP or online co-op is even more exciting to me—in A2’s 64-man multiplayer matches, a covert spy could relay key information to the other side.

    Without promising anything, Buchta is willing to speculate on how uniforms might function in multiplayer. “If you change your uniform, it should be functional—it should not just confuse the players, but also AI. Imagine you see a guy 200 meters away in an enemy uniform. You’d immediately start shooting. But it may be your friend trying to play some dirty tricks on enemy soldiers. If he fails to let teammates know, then friendly players might fire on him. Such accidents would probably happen.” Buchta adds that Bohemia is exploring IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) technology—if you’re carrying an enemy’s IFF transponder, for instance, a hostile chopper on patrol would ignore you.

    All of this isn’t just being tacked on to A2’s engine—Buchta promises “radical” graphical improvements. Weather, for example, will get a volumetric cloud system, which should make lighting more natural. Ragdoll effects—and a revamped animation system—will replace (hopefully all of) A2’s existing, rigid gestures, and Nvidia’s PhysX is being implemented. As a gift to the hugely active Arma modding community, the mission editor is being upgraded as well, allowing for 3D editing.

    A3 will push hard on its visual fidelity, something not a lot of games are currently doing. Though welding these advanced systems to A2’s already-complex core won’t mean much if A3 isn’t an optimized, smoothly running game, and it’s nervous-making that Bohemia is currently estimating that a Core i5 processor and a GeForce GTX 260 or Radeon HD 5770 will be the minimum spec. But optimization has only just begun, and the visual payoff of this new tech could be big.

    For now, I’m reassured that A3’s planned departures from realism seem in service to creating combat experiences that are new, but equally hardcore. Putting fictional weapons into gaming’s most hardcore military simulation may sound like blasphemy—like building a disco in the middle of Stonehenge—but I think it’s exactly what the Arma franchise needs: a license to free itself from some of the constraints of painstakingly crafting tanks with the right number of rivets stamped on their sides, or assuring that the shoelaces of its character models reflect real-world boots. It’s freedom to focus on the difficult and complex task of developing an incredible sandbox game
  • Der Vollständigkeit halber ... ture=feedu
    bereits bekannt und begutachtet
    heute neu gefunden, muss ich mir mal zuhause anschauen
  • Da es das Thema "ArmA3" schon im ArmA2-Forum gab hab ich mir erlaubt die Themen hier mal zusammen zu führen, nicht dass jemand weinend zusammen bricht weil er es im ArmA-Forum nicht mehr findet.
  • Pfff....wer macht denn sowas??
    Extra nach Griechenland fliegen, um militärische Einrichtungen für ein PC-Spiel zu fotografieren :? .

    Die sollen lieber die Engine verbessern, so das es nicht mehr so laggy ist.
    "Zwei Dinge sind unendlich, das Universum und die menschliche Dummheit, aber bei dem Universum bin ich mir noch nicht ganz sicher." (Zitat von Albert Einstein)
  • Wie ich sehe haben die üblichen Verdächtigen es schon die zuvor monatelang auf Steam verschollen galten, doch warum darüber ein Wort verlieren. ArmA3 ist nun erhältlich als das was die Vorgänger immer am Release-Zeitpunkt waren: als Alpha-Version! Soviel Ehrlichkeit muss belohnt werden und 25,-€ sind auch EXTREM fair! Selbstredend habe ich zur "Digital Deluxe Edition" für 39,99 gegriffen.
    Alpha AccessPurchase Arma 3 Alpha now and receive the following:

    Alpha-access – Be one of the first to play Arma 3 and contribute to its development by providing feedback.
    3 Alpha Lite Invites (not yet available) – Introduce your friends to Arma 3 by inviting them to the free invite-only Arma 3 Alpha Lite (available from March 14, 2013 until June 18, 2013).
    Beta-access & Full Game – Gain access to the Arma 3 Beta as soon as it becomes available. Get a Steam version of the complete game upon release.
    Digitale Deluxe-Edition
    In addition to Alpha, Beta, and Full Game access, the Deluxe Edition includes:

    Digital Soundtrack* – Enjoy the compelling Arma 3 soundtrack wherever you are and wherever you go in high quality digital format.
    Digital Maps* – Plan your combat operations with the highly detailed maps of Altis and Stratis.
    Digital Tactical Guide* – Find tips on how to survive in combat and accomplish your mission with a comprehensive tactical guide.
    Arma: Cold War Assault – Go back to where it all began and relive Bohemia Interactive’s award-winning debut game once more.(Already own it on Steam? Gift it to a friend!)
    *These items will only be available in English and will be distributed upon full release of Arma 3.
    ArmA3 wird übrigens Steamzwang haben, für den Kurs kann man es dann auch gleich dort kaufen. ->

    Wer zu viel Zeit hat oder zu klamm ist kann sich schon einige Gameplayvideos anschauen:

  • Ist doch klar, dass das gekauft wird! AAS (ähnlich) wird auch schon gezockt.

    In der Alpha wird das Hauptaugenmerk erstmal auf die Infanterie gelegt. Man hat die kleine Insel, 2 leichte Fahrzeuge und 2 leichte Helicopter.
  • Hallo und ich bin auch mal wieder hier :DDD

    Da nun A3 raus ist und es auch wieder AAs Missionen gibt wollte ich mal fragen ob ihr das noch daddelt und wenn ja ob ihr Lust dazu habt mal wieder zusammen zu spielen :)
  • A3 kommt erst in Q3 raus.. Und bisher gibts nur Abwandlungen von dem ursprünglichen AAS. Blitzkrieg (AnS) und ein paar andere.
  • So schaut´s aus (wenn überhaupt), da muss man nichts überhasten, sonst reg ich mich nur wieder auf.

    Das "so ähnliche wie AAS" ist auch nicht so mein Fall. So richtig weiß ich auch nicht warum ich A3 gekauft habe, vermutlich einfach weil ich´s kann und weil haben besser ist als brauchen. :P
  • Weil 25€ für ein ARMA3 nicht viel ist. Wird später zu einem normalen Preis verkauft.
  • Naja, der Netcode ist aber schon viel besser geworden. Gegner die weiter weg sind teleportieren sich nicht mehr so komisch durch die Gegend wie früher.

    Aber es rennen jetzt so viele iditoen rum die nur Teamkills machen weil die zu doof sind die Uniformen auseinander zu halten.

    Ist geil wenn man sich 20 Minuten zu einer guten Posi durchschlägt nur um dann einen Teamkill abzubekommen.
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